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Air-Conditioning Services

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Air-Conditioning & Heat Pumps

Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer with an efficient and affordable air-conditioning unit. The team at Alectrics can help you select the best option for your home, guide you where to position it and take care of install and any maintenance required. 

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Ducted Systems

Are you ready to create the perfect temperature in your home all year round? With a ducted system installed you will have an energy efficient central heating solution allowing you to heat and cool your whole home without visible air conditioning units. 

SmartVent Systems

Remove the condensation and dampness from your home with a SmartVent ventilation system. Installed in the roof, this system of electronically controlled vents can provide room-by-room temperature control and draw air from your roof or outside. 

Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

Looking for commercial and industrial air conditioning servicing, repairs or maintenance in Hamilton? Give us a call to get your air-conditioning unit achieving energy efficiency.

We can also help you with your healthy homes compliance

  • Healthy Home Assessment
  • Heating Standard
  • Ventilation Standard

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Not sure what air-conditioning system is best for you?